Blue Street Jazz Band
DIXIELAND JAZZ, SWING, MARDI GRAS, and GOSPEL  For festival bookings call Dave (559) 259-9703
For California gigs call Rick (559) 906-5940




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About Us

Welcome to the website for the Blue Street Jazz Band. We hope you enjoy your visit. Please check frequently for newly added upcoming performances and for additional news regarding the band. The 8 piece band plays at various jazz festivals across the country. The band plays in smaller forms for local and regional events as well. 


DAVE RUFFNER - Trombone/Leader of Blue Street. Dave is a retired High School Band Director who now lives in New Orleans and performs on Bourbon Street

FORREST HELMICK - Founder of Blue Street and Trumpet. Forrest is an elementary school music teacher. Forrest possesses a potent trumpet sound, has great range, and is a great soloist.

SHERRI COLBY - Vocalist. Sherri holds a PhD in Anthropology and teaches at Cal State Fresno. Sherri is a capable vocalist skilled at singing in a variety of styles. 

RICK CANFIELD - Drums. Rick also teaches elementary school music. As Blue Street's drummer, Rick propels the band with his steady beat and provides great bass vocals. He also serves as the band's accountant and is the band's recording engineer. As a hobby Rick makes fine stringed instruments. 

JASON WANNER - Piano. Jason performs at many jazz parties and jazz festivals with various groups and in the San Diego area. He is considered an authority in the field of traditional jazz education.

NATE KETNER - Reeds. Reed player Nathan Ketner tours extensively and performs at Disneyland in the Los Angeles area.

MATT BOTTEL - Banjo and Guitar. Matt designs intricate computer programs for his day job. Matt was considered a top rank banjo player during his time in New Orleans. 

SAM ROCHA - Bass and Sousaphone. Sam performs professionally with various groups in the Bay area including the prestigious Hot Club of San Francisco.